I'm running qmail and RedHat Version 7.2

I've been working on this problem for two days now.
A few days ago a server that I have managed by a server company had a
program called spamassasin turned off (my client was concerned it was
slowing down the server). In any case, right after this was turned off I
started getting a great deal of junk mail to my home personal (non-server
related) mail account. Right away I checked the three hidden files in
/var/qmail/aliases and found they were all pointing to my home personal
non-server related account. I thought "Great -- problem solved". I created
a new mail accound on the server and entered that address into .qmail-root
..qmail-postmaster .qmail-mailer-daemon. I then rebooted the server for good
measure. It looked as though my problem was solved, the new account I had
created was getting loads of email and I was getting none. This lasted for
about half a day. The new account is getting loads of this mail but I
still get all the mail addressed either to root or to postmaster.
I've looked everyplace I can think of for my personal home email address on
this server, thinking it has to still be someplace. Does anyone have any
ideas how i can still be getting mail for root and postmaster?
Some good places to look??

I did a test.
I sent mail to rootmyserveraddress and to 1-root and to
postmastermyserveraddress. Both
of these pieces of mail were promptly delived to my home personal account.
Here is the maillog file from this. I've changed the domain names just to
protect myself from even more spam!

Thanks for any help!

Oh, one other thing I noticed. The UID for all of these mails is always 110
(popuser). I don't know if that means anything to anybody.

I had posted this to the qmail newsgroup but still wasn't able to fix the
problem. I think this is probably more of a unix question since qmail seems
to be set up correctly there MUST be someplace my personal email is linked
to the root account. I just can't figure out where.


Nov 5 19:16:20 www qmail: 1068077780.882629 starting delivery 24: msg
4758527 to local [email]1-rootmyserveraddress.com[/email]
Nov 5 19:16:20 www qmail: 1068077780.882723 status: local 1/10 remote 1/20
Nov 5 19:16:20 www qmail: 1068077780.933022 new msg 4759450
Nov 5 19:16:20 www qmail: 1068077780.933121 info msg 4759450: bytes 894
from <mikemyhomeaccount.com> qp 1443 uid 110
Nov 5 19:16:20 www qmail: 1068077780.958266 starting delivery 25: msg
4759450 to remote [email]mikemyhomeaccount.com[/email]

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