Hi there,

I'm new to director, i'm trying to create a plane primitive with
curves. Does anybody know how can i do this.

(this is for the purpuse of having a road for a car game i want to
create for school)

This may seem a little bit easy, but i'm really in trouble with this
mesh thing and creating vertexes or so.

Please help me if you can.

Thankyou all

this is a portion of the source code witch creates the primitives

on beginSprite me
mySprite = me.spriteNum
mundo3D = sprite(me.spriteNum).member

-- cria recurso do modelo
myModelResource = sprite(mySprite).member.newModelResource("My
myModelResource.width = 20
myModelResource.length = 10000

-- cria recurso do modelo 2

myModelResource2 = sprite(mySprite).member.newModelResource("My
Resource2",#plane, #both)
myModelResource2.width = 60
myModelResource2.length = 10000