I bought for my client a copy of Contribute CS3. He's currently using
Macromedia Contribute 3, one month demo. He likes it, so I want to make it
official. It's a small package for a small nice programm (30MB in size). When I
ordered Adobe Contribute CS3 the package was 300MB!!! What is happening ??
So I installed Adobe Contribute CS3 on his system, which took a lot of time
45min. or so. But after the install I got Adobe Bridge CS3 WHY?, Adobe Assets
WHY?, Adobe Scripting WHY?, Adobe version cue WHY? etc. etc. etc.
Why o why do I need a program like mDNSResponder.exe only needed for
I DON'T need those ADOBE PAYLOADS. I only need what\ I bought for and that is
Adobe Contribute CS3. Please GIVE me a CLEAN INSTALL. Where the is the good old
support of Macromedia.!!!! Even UNINSTALL CS3 took half an hour.
There is NO option to only install Contribute CS3. It's ALL or NOTHING
It's realy a BAD Adobe experience !!!!!!