I was told to put the following code into my web page [body] in order to view
the webcam live on the internet; so I did........

"<script language="JavaScript" type="text/JavaScript">
function showCamera(o)
// Replace this url with your own ip camera url...
o.URL = "";
// Set your camera window's width here
o.CamWidth = 640;
<OBJECT onreadystatechange="showCamera(this);"


I want to add some text beneath the streaming video? The problem is everytime
I type something underneath it, the words don't show up in IE6? - i.e. they
disappear! I've tried messing with the layout mode in [dreamweaver] etc. but
had no success with that so thought I would see if anyone here has the 'inside
knowledge' on how to accomplish this task?

thanx in advance......