Hai to the users of Debian,

My motherboard is of D815EEA2 from Intel with
onboard soundcard with the chip AD1885. The problem I
face is that I cant boot with sound support every time
I boot the system.Only at random occasions the
soundcard is working. This is the case whether I
include the sound support into the kernel or compile
it as a module.
On the other side manpage of bootparam 'man
bootparam' says that there are certain soundcards that
requires the particular dos driver to put the card
into a known state.Following this after booting pc
into dos, loading the particular dos driver, then
loading GNU/Linux with the help of loadlin surely
This is the case with almost all systems working on
the specified series of the motherboard.I have tried
kernel-sources (2.5.38 & 2.5.41) which supports alsa
modules & drivers ,but the same problem persists.
Is there anyone else using and facing the same
problem/ any solution for this problem where a 100%
sound can be obtained without the help of loadlin in
these motherboards.


Ratheesh K K
Kochi-04, Kerala,

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