For whatever reason, my iBook (OS9) w/ AirPort card can no longer even
see my D-Link (614+) wireless router. Yesterday when I used it it
worked absolutely fine -- as it has for the last couple of months or
so. Now, like I said, the AirPort control panel reports no networks
available whatsoever. My wireless AP is obviously fine as my 2 Windows
clients and 1 D-Link bridge still work flawlessly. I have made no
changes to settings on the router or the iBook.

Thinking back to when I first set the iBook up for wireless, I'm
pretty sure the only thing that I ever had to change on the AP was to
make sure the SSID was being broadcast (because there is no way of
specifying the SSID within the AirPort software). Well, the SSID is
still being broadcast. Furthermore, there is not (nor was there ever
at any point) any WEP or other security in place.

Any ideas on why my iBook w/ AirPort card suddenly can't see my
wireless network??