Last night I tried to do an iChat AV video connection between my laptop
and my wife's laptop, both of us sitting next to each other. I got an
error saying the other person was busy.

The connect got as far as telling the other laptop that video connection
is desired and the preview display comes up, but the connection is not
completed, and eventually the busy message comes up.

I know that I can do iChat AV with my brother (Mass to Ohio).

The problem for me seems to be using Rendezvous to try and iChat AV with
my wife in the same room using the local network.

Our connections to each other were via an Airport Extreme with the most
recent firmware and the Airport Extreme set to just bridge to the
ethernet (no routing or NAT on the Airport Extreme).

I've got both Macs setup with fixed local IP addresses ( and

The internet connection is via a D-Link 704 DSL/Cable router connected
to Verizon DSL (router IP address is set to It does
provide NAT services for us, but that is just between local network and
DSL line.

I would not think the router is even involved, as Rendezvous should be
just passing things along on the local network, and not getting the
router involved. Then again, I wonder if maybe the router is the
problem and both my wife and I were both trying to get control of the
same NAT port and the router was only allowing one laptop to have
control (wild guess as I'm not all that sure about the intermost details
of NAT operations).

Anyway, I would like some feedback from others that have successfully
done an iChat AV video connection using Rendezvous. If you have been
successful, could you tell me anything that might be different about
your setup vs what I've described.


Bob Harris