We have been using Contribute for a while at my company and have found it to be
a great tool. The users love it because it's easy to use and I do because of
it's easy admin.

After the last update (3.11) of Contribute I noticed a problems in the Draft
Console on the Mac version. I tracked it down to the drafts.htm page. It seems
to be looking for icons that end in '_mac.gif' (for example
images/icon_sentDraftEditing_mac.gif) but these icons do not actually exist in
the images directory. There are icons with names ending in _win.gif (I assume
are the windows versions) and there are icons that end without any _mac or
_win. I got around this by adding _mac.gif to the icon files and this sorted it
out for me.

Anyway, just a heads up for you guys on the Mac Contribute Team.