Since upgrading to IE 7 I'm noticing that a lot of our websites have v. small
text in Contribute (v3). In IE 7 itself everything is fine. I'm assuming
Contribute is defaulting to the "smallest" text size setting - unfortunately
with IE 7's new zoom feature CTRL-scroll no longer works to increase font size
in Contribute, but I'd like to check if it's just something weird in my setup.
The sites are using relative font-sizes set in CSS, with a base size of around

If anyone else is using Contribute with IE 7 installed I'd really appreciate
it if you could have a look at [url][/url] in it and tell me if the text
looks unreadably tiny? Checks in both Contribute 3 and 4 would be great , as if
4 solves the problem I may just have to recommend people upgrade.

Other ideas for fixes (? a design-time stylesheet with larger default font)
would be useful!