John wrote:
> I am currently moving our Intranet from WNT(IIS4) to W2K(IIS5) and
> have just hit a problem with ADODB connections that has got me at a
> loss.
> When running the below code (look out for word wrapping) the error
> handling returns an error of Object Expected, yet when I
> response.write the connection object (Conn) I get the correct
> connection details. The exact same code works on IIS4 on the current
> Intranet, the connection functions are also currently working on IIS5
> for other parts of the Intranet, it just seems to be this section. I
> would be gratefull for any suggestions, I am currently pulling my hair
> out with this one.
> //----------
> //--Problem page code
> <!-- #include virtual="/includes/" -->
> <%
> 'First to check is that tstype and week and year are configured
> EmpSQL="select * from employee where emp_id=" &
> GetBrd(Session("BoardNumber"))
> sql_conn=obtain_connection()
> Err.number = 0
Should be "Err.Clear". The Number propery is read-only IIRC.