Hi There Everybody:

I had Windows 98 installed since well, 1998.
No problems with printing.
Then about a month ago, I bought a new computer, with Windows XP Pro, and
one of those AIO (All-In-One) Printer, Scanner, copier things from
Lexmark,and had no problems with it until I tried to print from Illustrator
version 10, with my Operating System now being Win XP Pro. I was just
wondering if anyone else has had this problem and if so what did you do to
remedy the situation?

I don't know if it lies with Win XP Pro, and Lexmark AIO
or with
Lexmark, and Illustrator 10
or with
Illustrator 10, and Windows XP Pro.

I don't get any type of warning sign, it just says, "Can't Print
Illustration", then the whole piece of paper comes out of the printer
without a mark on it. No matter whats on the screen. I then saved it as an
EPS, and brought it into QuarkXPress, and it printed looking all Moire
patterned looking. Any suggestions about fixing that too?

Any suggestions, oh yea, this new thing is hooked up USB not parallel Port
like my older Lexmark printer thing was. Could that have anything to do with