I am a novice at print design, my career has been in video and internet design, so please forgive me if I don't use the proper lingo. I was asked to create a logo and 2 color brochure for a friend. I created the logo in Illustrator CS using 2 Pantone Solid Coated colors (on a G5, OSX 10.3.3, 1.5 GB RAM). I saved it as both an .ai and .eps file and imported it into InDesign CS. When printing separations the logo shows up in the cmyk plates. I tried saving it from Illustrator CS in different ways, older versions etc., to no avail. I opened the Illustrator file in Illustrator 10 and it came in as CMYK. I then replaced all of Pantone colors in Illustrator 10 and saved the file and it worked in InDesign CS. Because I see nothing in the forum about a problem, my asumption is I am missing a setting or something in Illustrator CS. Can anyone help?