I print to a Canon imageRUNNER 3300. The new Illustrator CS has a pull-down menu in the print dialog box that allows me to choose or override the default PPD for my printer. It's set up very much like the old Pagemaker. Why this is I can't imagine but my problem arises when I try to print to my Canon imageRUNNER. Instead of seeing the iR3300 PPD, the pull-down menu just displays "Default ()" and no PPD is shown. If I try to manually browse to the PPD directory in Windows (WINNT\System32\Drivers\W32X86\3) I can see a PPD named "IR2200SU.XPD." This is definitely the correct PPD as its what prints on the Windows Test Page. From the looks of it, any application can use the .xpd file but Illustrator CS can't. There are, of course, specific PPDs built for Pagemaker and Quark but not yet for Illustrator. If I try to use the default setting or override it with the Quark or PM PPDs, I get the message that "The specified PPD is invalid. The default PPD will be used." The bad news is that my file doesn't print. I can get the occassional file to output but it has to be very small and the formatting is crap. The question is why did Adobe make the print dialog box so complicated? It looks like Canon is going to have to build a new PPD just for CS. I do indeed have a case open with them and they are researching it but I have no idea when it will be resolved. That will make four different PPDs for my printer and I have to use a different one each time I print from Quark, Illustrator, PageMaker or any other App (Word, Excel, etc.). I've tried using just a generic driver but then I lose all functionality with the output and the grayscales are not good. If anyone has an idea on how to correct this I'd love to hear it.