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> I'm using FIRE!! Love it... But was wondering what application, one can use
> to Video Chat/Conference across platforms (with msn or whatever)
> Steven
It would help if you gave the Mac and OS version you are using. I'll assume
since you are using Fire that it is OS X.

ISPQ has clients on Classic, OS X & Windows ([url]www.ispq.com[/url]) - it works
relatively well.

Ophone X is an open source project that allows you to contact Netmeeting/MSN
users via their IP, it also works relatively well but still lacks a full
feature set. [url]http://www.xmeeting-project.net/[/url]

Ivisit is a long time cross platform client, I've not used the OS X client
and wasn't particularly impressed with the Classic Mac OS version - but some
people swear by it. [url]http://www.ivisit.info/[/url]

The ideal would be for Apple to write compatibility with Netmeeting into
iChat AV.