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In the PE2 Image Size dialog box, with "resample" unchecked,"constrain proportions" goes "grey".Normal?...

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    Default Image Size Dialog

    In the PE2 Image Size dialog box, with "resample" unchecked,"constrain proportions" goes "grey".Normal? Guest

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    Default Re: Image Size Dialog


    Yes, it's normal.

    When you un-check Resample, you will not make any actual change to your
    image. You will only change the size of the PRINTED image.

    If you enter new WxH values, your Resolution will adjust to show how many of
    your existing pixels will PRINT on each inch of paper.

    If you enter a new Resolution, your WxH values change to show the new
    PRINTED size.

    (Why, you may ask, am I emphasizing PRINT?)

    None of these changes affect how your image is displayed on your screen.
    Your screen just displays pixels, and resolution has no affect.

    When you check Resample, THEN you're actually making changes to your image -
    so take care!

    ....otherwise, all you're doing is setting up instructions to tell your
    printer how to dole out your existing pixels.


    Byron Guest

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    Default Re: Image Size Dialog

    To Byron Gale: Thank you very much.When my brain freezes I don't know what I would do but for the folks here that can quickly apply a thaw!And thanks too for the reminder about using "resample".That's a command I haven't used since the first time I used it,with disasterous results. As a follow-up ---What would necessitate its use ever? Guest

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    Resample does have merit. If you had an image comprised of many pixels (say one at about 2000 pixels by 1500 pixels) and you wanted to send it via email for someone just to view on their screen and not to print out, this image would require the viewer to scroll up/down and sideways in order to see all of it (considering that many people can only see an area of 600x800 pixels on their screen at a time). The impact of the image is lost when viewed this way. It is far better to send an image which can fit in its entirety on the screen. To fit the image to screen size one must reduce the number of pixels. In the example above, you need to throw away approximately 2/3 of the original pixels. This is where Resample shines. With Resample checked, you can discard pixels so as to allow your image to fill a monitor's screen without scrolling. Guest

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    Default Re: Image Size Dialog

    To Nancy S.
    Quite right about using "resample" to downsize-- I do it all the time for email.I was wondering though about when the command would be used to "up-sample",given the almost universal cautions regarding degradation of an image when doing so.
    BTW -- I still have on file your reply to Dan Derrico, July 9,03, regarding cropping using Image>Resize>ImageSize. I don't use Elements often enough to keep all of the techniques front and center brain-wise,so I find it invaluable to have such good info on hand. Guest

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    Louis, I try not to have to upsample, but I've done a couple of projects where it was necessary. If it's done using that 10% method, you can get acceptable results, within limits. I think overall we have a tendency to discourage it on the forum, because many of the newcomers don't understand the basic concept of resolution and image quality. But, it's like a lot of other things - if you use it selectively and in moderation it's fine. The key is knowing enough to understand the limits and "risk". Guest

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    I agree with what Beth said. On occassion I also upsample when there just aren't enough pixels knowing that the image will "soften" somewhat. Success varies by image content. Guest

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