We've been asked to provide a method of importing a list of data into our
database via the web interface.
I had the idea of using a csv include file to set up an array, but I can't
get it working - any help appreciated.

eg contents of file given to us:

Jon,Martin,York,Paul,Smith,York,Simon,Philips,Lanc s,Geoff,Pierce,Cambs,etc,e

how can I do a repeating insert that takes each three values, then executes
an insert, until it runs out of values, without changing the data given to

I'm getting the feeling that I'm barking up the wrong tree and there's a
much easier way to do it?

As there could be lots of data, and many more fields, posting the data in a
form isn't an option, neither is importing straight into the database - it
must be through the web page.

many thanks