Zurab Davitiani <agtmindless.com> wrote in message news:<2e9Ka.1807
> > Thanks for the response. Why should I do it this way? My second
> > example works well and saves one line of code. What is the advantage
> > of declaring $config an array in the constructor? What's wrong with
> > var config = array()?
> Because of 2 reasons:
> 1. You are not using $this-> to refer to class properties; this is required.
> 2. The way which you described is not guaranteed to work in other/all
> releases; you should instead follow the link I gave in the previous
> response and do it as it is suggested in the doentation.
Whoa!!! Thanks for that. I did follow the link and read what it says.
I have to rewrite all of my classes now. Sometimes I think PHP would
be better if it was less tolerant of mistakes.