The webpage is at: _/comm/page.htm_
The code I want to use: _include virtual="/includes/include.inc"_
It doesn't work. I can see the includes while browsing pages, but not in edit
mode. I have read through these forums quite a bit, and I still can't figure
this out. After some testing, I realize that Contribute does not understand
what the root of the site is.

In Edit mode, Contribute seems to be using the path relative to the include
file instead of relative to the Web page. For example, if I use the code:
_include virtual="../includes/include.inc"_ I can see the include while
browsing AND in edit mode. I have fooled Contribute into finding the right
path. Unfortunately this solution will not work if there are other Web pages
in the root folder or in deeper subdirectories.

Grrrrr. Please give me some tips.

Much appreciated!