Hi Greg,

I've been on a holiday and just got to ttry this last night. Worked like a
charm. Thank You!

Salut, verdon

> Hi Verdon,
> Be sure that $connobj is declared as a global variable in the
> mysql_connection.php file. You can do this in two ways:
> 1) instead of $connobj = blah, use $GLOBALS['connobj'] = blah 2) global
> $connobj; $connobj = blah
> Regards, Greg -- phpDoentor [url]http://www.phpdoc.org[/url]
> Verdon Vaillancourt wrote: Hi :)
>> Somewhat newbie question...
>> I'm trying to include some open source classes into a project I am working
>> on. The classes build a set of relational select menus from the contents of
>> two tables. I have not trouble using the classes in a simple test page, but
>> am running into problems when I try to use them as part of a function. For
>> instance...