I'm working on an application that will use a plug-in architecture to
provide extensibility and modularity. The approach used is based on
Mike Beam's O'Reilly column on plug-ins (with a few changes) but the end
result is a set of plug-in bundles that can be loaded at run time as

I've seen it said in a number of places that it's possible to include
Apple Help doentation (html) in a plug-in bundle, but am not sure of
the procedure used to ensure that it will be accessible under the 'Help'
menu of the main application that would load the plug-in.

Presumably the steps would be similar to that for the main application (
create the html files, index, and set appropriate entries in info.plist)
but I'm not clear on whether the main app will do anything with these.
Have to admit I have not yet tried, but would appreciate any hints on
how this works before plunging forward...