I have been given the job of creating an address directory for a non-profit org. I'm done laying everything out in InDesign, including auto page numbers, nicely formatted tables, etc. The entire booklet has a table of contents, then some advertisements of sponsors, then the phone/address directory, and then some more ads at the end.

I would like to start page numbering after the table of contents page. However, when I create a new section for the beginning of the page numbers, InDesign creates a new section with a 1-page spread (i.e. only the right side of the facing page.) Is there a way to tell InDesign simply to continue the pages and start numbering? I have tried selecting two pages and choosing the "Keep Spread Together" option in the Pages pallette, and that works great on screen, but I'm using an imposition script that shuffles pages around, and the script produces wrong results because of the "Keep Spread Together" having been applied on 2 pages.

I'll be grateful for any pointers.

Thanks, CW