Hallo all ,

We have a network set up at home comprising the Apple Airport Extreme
Base station (with modem) / G4 Mac / and PC WinME with a US Robotics
Wireless Card.

The PC was configured to join the netwerk built up by the airport and
G4 Mac.

As long as the Airport was set to automatic dialing at the G4 Mac, the
PC WinME with WC had no problems to connect to the internet.
Based on our home set up we had to change the set up for individual
connecting at the G4 Mac. As a result I cannot access the internet
anymore with the PC.

Since the PC does not see the Airport , I tried via Microsoft VPN
Adapter to access the internet, but I failed.

I am running out of ideas what I could do and I would like to ask for
some help.

Thanks in advance