i have my shockwave 3d project which i know on several machines makes the
screen goes nuts, meaning it turns into 'safe mode' - 640*480, 256 colours
so on. i got a hold on such a machine and i tested my project with the
debugger and found out that this problem occurs when i add to one of my
model in the 3d member an inker modifier - at this specific point the
application freezes and after few secs i get 2 alerts: the first one
generated from director, saying "renderer error: unsupported bit depth for
hardware rendering. switching to software renderer", and the second one
generated by the os (win xp): "windows - system error: microsoft windows
had detected and recovered from a device failure. please save your work and
reboot to restore full functionality"

the graphic card on this machine is ATI's mobility Radeon and the rendering
device is directX 7 (although i know my application works on other machines
with the same specs), .

haven't found any doentation about it in any director related site that i

if anybody encountered something similar to that i would appreciate any