I'm new to Contribute 3 and am debating purchasing this a means for my clients
to post PDF's onto their webpages.

1. I would like to INSERT the contents of a PDF onto a page I wish it to
appear in and NOT have it linked to a separate page.

2. If I can't get it the contents to appear, I'll settle for the PDF to be
inserted much in the way I can when I select to INSERT DOENT with FLASH
PAPER. I tried doing so by "publish file (selecting the PDF) from my computer"
but it seems to always either create a separate page which then requires me to
link to it. I just want it to appear inline with the rest of the contents on
that page and not as a link to another page...

HELP PLEASE?? I'd like BEG for the answer to both options, but option 2 would
give me the option to search and print... which is also necessary. WHAT AM I