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> I'm having trouble installing Dreamweaver MX on my Mac G3 OS 9.2. It seemed to install successfully but when I click the Dreamweaver icon, my machine freezes. I trashed everything And started over, and keep having the same problems. Does anyone know how to UNINSTALL so that i can start over from scratch? Thank you.
Dispose of the folder with the app (obviously). Open the system folder,
look for folder anmed "program prefences" or something similar (I've got
Swedish OS9.2, so it's not the same word). Find the prefence file for DW
and trash it. Do a search for "Dreamweaver" and another for "Macromedia"
to be on the safe sde, and delete any file/folder you find that seems
to be from DW.

When installing, turn off every other application, including virus
detection. I *think* you also need to turn off firewall if you have that.

Then, you'll need enough memory. When DW isn't running, find the app,
select it and hit Cmnd + i and you'll get the info window. Select
"memory" from the dropdown menu and give the app more memory.

If it still doesn't work, turn off virtual memory.

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