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Installation problem - Adobe Photoshop Elements

Hi everybody My Elements was bundled with Minolta scanner. When entering serial# during the installation , I get "Invalid serial number" message.Weird...Anybody had a same problem ? XP Home Thanks...

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    Default Installation problem

    Hi everybody
    My Elements was bundled with Minolta scanner. When entering serial# during the installation , I get "Invalid serial number" message.Weird...Anybody had a same problem ?
    XP Home
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    Default Re: Installation problem


    I can recall two similar postings as of late.

    In one case it was due to not accurately reading the serial numbers (mixing up the 6 and 8, or something along those lines). I suggest you carefully examine once more under good light to be sure you are inputting the numbers as written.

    In the second case, with a bundled program, the serial number was incorrect as written. The poster called Adobe Customer Service and discovered the number was for the other version of Elements. They supplied him with a new serial number and he installed the program.

    This is the only info I can give you.

    Nancy Guest

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    Default Re: Installation problem

    And I second Nancy's post. There do seem to have been some mix ups recently when using bundled versions. However, generally, you should call Minolta first, because they purchased distribution rights from Adobe, so it is possible that Adobe can't be of any help. Guest

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    Default Re: Installation problem

    Hi: I am unable to install Photoshop Elements. I put the CD in. the LED Flashes for several seconds and stops. The CD doesn't load.
    Also, I've tried the Control Panel's Add New Program Utility, but it doesn't recognize the CD. I have also used the RUN utility found on the Start utility, but it also doesn't recognize the CD.

    I've had this problem in the past with other company's CDs and after a hundred or so attempts, the program finally loads. I've done this already with Photoshop Elements but I've been unsuccessful so far. Any suggestions, please? Guest

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    Default Re: Installation problem

    Could we please have some system information, William? That's often helpful, although not always.

    Have you tried calling Adobe customer support? A bad CD is very unusual, but it's not impossible that's what you've got. Do you or anybody you know have another computer you could test it on? The same CD should load (or not!) on either a Windows or a Mac computer, so just about anybody's would work for checking the CD itself. Guest

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    Default Re: Installation problem


    Especially since you have had problems with other CDs, I would focus on your CD ROM drive. But, do you have; antivirus software disabled, all programs closed, plenty of hard disk space, enough memory, an empty Recycle Bin, cleared out Windows temp files and Temp Internet files and have you defragged lately. Check out Device Manager, System Properties etc. If you are using Win XP, are you using an Administrator account? With the disk inserted, when you right click Start and click on Explorer, what does it say for your CD drive? What does it say in the right hand panel when you click on the CD drive? Guest

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    Default Re: Installation problem

    Have you tried copying the cd to the desktop and running the installer from there? Guest

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    Default Re: Installation problem

    Yeh, I thought of that one, too, Barbara. But if I understood his post right, he couldn't get that far. I agree with Nancy that he may want to look at the possibility of a hardware problem with the CD drive. Guest

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    Default Re: Installation problem

    Yes, I see that now, Beth. Yeah, sounds like hardware, I agree. Guest

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    Default Re: Installation problem

    Thanks Beth. I won't be able to call Adobe until the first of the week. I'm runnings Windows ME. Sorry, I should have remembered to tell you that. Maybe I'll be able to try someone elses computer aalso. William Heuer (Bill) Guest

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    Default Re: Installation problem


    Like Nancy, my suspicion would be your CD-ROM hardware, given your
    description of previous behavior.

    When one of mine failed, it did similar things to what you describe.

    Byron Guest

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    Default Re: Installation problem

    Hi again
    In my case (as I've started the topic here) I'd guess that the problem is invalid serial #. Tried two PC's with XP Home and 2000Pro with same result. Emailed Minolta support,waiting for reply.
    Thanks for input. Guest

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    Default Re: Installation problem


    Do check back in here with your findings. Guest

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