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Robin <robinxjoy> wrote:
> I have G4, 400 mhz and latest version of OS X. Internet Explorer is
> resetting preferences and not keeping what I'm designating, such as home
> page and fonts. Also, when typing in text such as my bank's website, or
>, regardless of browser I use (Internet Explorer, Safari,
> Netscape) the text is very light, difficult to read, And last, I have
> an Epson Stylus CX5200 (printer/scanner/photocopier) which most of the
> time when sending a print job, says "printer error" and I have restart
> for it to work. We've re-installed driver, still happens. Help, plse.
Several different Problems, several different Solutions:

IE prefs :
1st: Quit all you internet Apps,
2nd: deleted the file located in
Preferences folder, which is inside your Home folder.
3rd: The reenter the info (hompage and the other prefs).

The difficult to read text on web pages is caused by CSS
1st:In the prefs in you web browsers Turn OFF the ability for the web
page to set its own fonts,
2nd:set your font size to 18 and all the fonts to something "easy to
read when small" like Geneva this will help some, but not all.

As for the printer, download and install GIMP-Print at:


as always read ALL the directions.

GIMP-Print is a set of very good open-sourced printer drivers
for unix/linux and MAC OS X.

Also DUMP IE (it s) and try Camino at:


It is the FASTEST browser for MAC OS X period.

The difference between OSX and XP is like night and day.
You can use OSX all day without any problems,
and spend all night troubleshooting XP!