Bill Mar <> wrote in message news:<b6hd01-9to.ln1don.localnet>...
> On 7 Aug 2003 16:44:11 -0700, Alexander Rydekull
> <> wrote:
> > Hello
> >
> > I have quite a silly problem at this very moment, I have been playing
> > around with my Compaq LTE Elite 4/75CXL, an old laptop with a 486
> > processor.
> >
> > On this I have installed debian through 3.5" floppy. Took a little
> > while :P
> > Well, in this install i didnt get any gcc or make with it.
> >
> > And as I am nnow trying to install DialD, to install gcc I need make,
> > to install make I need gcc. Of course.
> >
> Why do you need gcc to install diald?
> > Now, a simple question, how to solve this? Neither me or me mates can
> > figure it out. Mayhaps we have been working with it to intensive to
> > not see some obvious thing, but if we have please tell us. I dont use
> > *Nix Reguarly though only as a server, but my friends use it on their
> > workstations aswell. So they have a bit of experience compared too me,
> > as im sure the most of you have, hence the reason why im asking you
> > all.
> >
> > Could anyone help me with this?
> >
> > Problem in short:
> > Installing gcc without make.
> > Installing make without gcc.
> >
> Are you trying to install gcc and make from source, or the Debian
> packages? Make doesn't list gcc as a dependency, only libc6 and
> fileutils. Are you using an old version of Debian?
Well, i need a compilator to compile the program(DialD), and I cant
use any kind of apt or similiar since I dont have any access
whatsoever to the internet with that computer, that is what im trying
to do.

So, I aint using the debian packages, I am using the latest version I
could find that I can install with 3.5" floppies. As I said earlier it
was installed with.

/Alexander Rydekull