"Chris Peak" <mtnpeak20comcast.net> wrote in message
> I have been trying to install the Net::SFTP module through CPAN for the
> few days but have met with little success. The module seems to depend on
> several other modules, and when CPAN tries to install these prerequisites
> get "nmake.exe -- not ok" complaints on many of them.
Some of these dependencies require a C compiler, which if you
don't have would cause errors. We have a Net-SFTP ppm package at
for ActivePerl 8xx, and at
for 6xx builds, which can be installed via the ppm utility. Theoretically
all required packages should automatically be fetched as well - for
this, you may have to add the appropriate repository above to
the ppm repository list within the ppm shell.

best regards,
randy kobes