I'm a student at Thames Valley uni in London and I'm looking at creating a piece of interactive art using Director & QTVR

I was wondering if anyone has any experience in this field, and could make any reccomendations in terms of the best way to go about this?? I'm familiar with director but have never tried anything like this.

my idea was basically to make a few QTVR scenes, I was thnking of trying to animate certain areas, or just having hyperlink hotspots, so that if I click on a pre-determined object I am taken to another page, or somehting pops up etc, not too bothered really, I just want to have a level of interactivity further than simply moving the QTVR image around.

Any initial suggeszted steps from experienced bods would be most appreciated!!! Or any general advice for a greenhorn like myself...

if anyone has any cool links I mighyt find useful, please send em to the [email]fromwebundeadarmy.org[/email]