Okay, it seems like this is brand new, so let me be the first to ask;
"has anyone used the Interfit Cyberflash?"

It is an intriguing looking studio flash unit, appearing a bit like a
vertically placed lightbox on a stand. The Cyberflash is the basic 300j
unit, with 500 and 1000j units called "Digitflash". They seem to have a
similar effect to softboxes, only the basic Cyber unit is only
32x34x5.4(!)cm and costs 259 from a UK supplier who I won't plug- similar
in price to a 250j standard monobloc and softbox.

The reason for my intrigue is that i'd very much like to experiment (now or
in the future) in location portraiture as well as studio based stuff, and I
could probably fit a couple of these in a record bag. Of course, there are
issues; use of attachments, life of bulbs, availability of replacements,
heat from modelling light vs. coloured gels and so on. Does anyone have any
answers to ease my mind, or do I have to splash out and be my own guinea