I use a 4.10 FreeBSD box as a NAT device, IPF firewall and DHCP server.
I recently got VOIP service from my ISP (Speakeasy). The VOIP box they
sent me goes in between the NAT box and the DSL modem, and it is
supposed to prioritize VOIP traffic so calls are clear. But, if I am
doing a download my calls do get a little choppy. It's tolerable but I
would like to improve it.

How can I prioritize the VOIP traffic under 4.10 with IPF? Googling has
shown me ([url]http://www.muine.org/~hoang/freenat.html[/url]) that I need the
ipfirewall + dummynet options in my kernel to enable QoS, but I am
unlcear on how that will work with my existing ipf firewall rules.

Thanks for any leads.

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