Here's the dilemma:

My iPod shows up on the desktop when loaded. It does NOT show up in
iTunes when loaded.

My harddrive is near compacity, however there are no songs visible. I
believe they're in the invisible F1 - F19 folders. I could load them
onto my desktop and place them back into the iPod.... if I could get
it to show up in iTunes.

So I basically gave up on it and tried to erase the hard drive and
reload - but the software, in collusion with iTunes, won't allow it -
when it asks me which disk to use - the iPod shows up with the red
stop sign and exclamation point. Why does it hate me?

So. Any suggestions on the matter would be super. I'll be checking
this post (and replies) frequently, so if there's something more I
need to explain, please let me know.

Essentially, how can I reformat the iPod drive when it's not be
recognized by the installer software? Or, if you have heard about such
a problem before, how can I get the invisible folders visible again
and my songs - which, judging by the harddrive on the iPod, are still
there? Perhaps there is magical switch?

Keith O'Brien