AUSTIN, TX. IronGrid, Inc., a provider of lightweight Java development
tools, unveiled IronEye SQL 1.1. New functionality embedded in
IronEye SQL includes an Ant task that allows JDBC performance testing
to be seamlessly integrated into the software build process.
IronGrid announced its upgraded version just weeks after shipping
IronEye SQL 1.0.

"Performance testing has always been relegated to the end of the
software development process because it was too difficult to test
performance midstream," said Clifford Sharples, president and CEO of
IronGrid, Inc. "Now with IronEye SQL's new Ant integration, including
database performance testing in the build process is simple."

"Most development managers agree that performance testing should be
done more often during the development process, but because of the
lack of discipline and tools to execute this vision, most development
managers cannot act on this instinct," said Jeremy Bencken, founder
and CTO of "Now with IronEye SQL 1.1, performance
testing is done automatically with each build, and has made our lives
much easier. After only two days of using IronEye SQL 1.1, we cut our
app's startup time from 75 seconds to under 30. In addition, we were
able to pinpoint and cache several redundant, high-volume queries,
which translated into a decrease of our database's operating load by
30 percent."

IronEye SQL exposes all of the SQL being generated by an application
and summarizes the information in a simple, easy to understand
interface. Without changing a line of application code, a developer
can instantly identify excessive or long-running SQL statements
generated by code in development.

This early visibility allows performance problems to be corrected
early on in the development cycle, when performance tuning is
dramatically less time-consuming and costly. With IronEye SQL,
developers can rapidly isolate and correct performance problems with
every build by yzing the SQL generated by unit tests and looking
for newly introduced code that may be causing performance problems.

IronEye SQL 1.1 is available for a 10-day free trial download at

About IronGrid
IronGrid, Inc. provides low-cost Java development tools that can be
installed quickly and require no source code changes. IronGrid
empowers every developer to test and optimize application performance
throughout the development process, resulting in software that is on
time, on budget, and on spec. Unlike other tools companies, IronGrid
provides nimble and affordable point solutions that solve specific
problems and are based on proven Open Source technology. Founded by a
small group of experienced Java developers and technology executives,
IronGrid is based in Austin, TX. Visit IronGrid at [url][/url].