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Is 17" Powerbook too big - Mac Portable

Hi, I'm balancing between buying the new 15" powerbook or the 17". I hqve heard a lot of people saying the later was to big to handle. Any opinion here ? Cheers, rpl*...

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    Default Is 17" Powerbook too big


    I'm balancing between buying the new 15" powerbook or the 17". I hqve
    heard a lot of people saying the later was to big to handle.

    Any opinion here ?


    rpl* Guest

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    Default Re: Is 17" Powerbook too big

    In article <>,
    org (rpl*) wrote:

    I'm wondering that too.

    Dissapointed that the new 15" has the same old screen resolution

    Rocky Road - in Oz
    RockyRoad Guest

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    Default Re: Is 17" Powerbook too big

    In article <>,
    org (rpl*) wrote:

    I owned the 15" Ti PowerBook for a couple of years and now I have the 17".
    The 17" has the following advantages over the 15" Ti:

    (1) The extra screen space is wonderful for working with Illustrator and

    (2) The speakers are quite a bit better -- I no longer mind using the
    built-in speakers when watching a DVD.

    (3) The keyboard has a much nicer feel.

    I suspect that at least (3) has been corrected with the new 15" Al model.

    I don't mind carrying around the 17" in the Brenthaven bag that is
    specifically designed for it (bought from the Apple Store). In addition, I
    like to work in cafes (e.g., Starbucks) and I find that I have no trouble
    using it on even the smallest tables (I always carry and use a Podium
    CoolPad). The only thing I really don't like about it is that it is
    essentially impossible to use in coach on an airplane.

    Good luck,
    Gary L. Gray Engineering Science & Mechanics
    Associate Professor Penn State University (814) 863-1778
    Gary Guest

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    Default Re: Is 17" Powerbook too big

    In article <>, rpl*
    <org> wrote:

    I think that's purely a matter of personal taste and what you expect
    from it. I have a 17" PowerBook G4, and I love it! It's actually
    lighter and thinner than my old PowerBook G3. If you have a complaint
    about it's weight, you're probably being too picky. It might be a bit
    large to use on an airplane -- the example I always hear bantered about
    -- but geez, when am I ever using it on an airplane? Never. (On the
    rare occasions that I am fortunate enough to have to try to fit my 6'
    5" frame into a standard airplane seat, being free to use a laptop is
    not one of my more pressing concerns.) Maybe you will do this
    frequently, but chances are, that's not a factor.

    The keyboard's normal size is great for people with big hands, and the
    screen is quite luxurious. To be honest, the screen is a large portion
    of the reason I bought the thing. It's just freakin' huge for a laptop
    -- heck, even compared to desktops it's no slouch! And unlike my old
    PB G3's screen, the 17" G4's screen looks good from a wide range of
    angles. I don't find myself twiddling with the screen angle to get the
    colors on the screen not to look washed-out.

    Also, though I'm no audiophile, playing music through the built-in
    speakers actually sounds fairly good, unlike the tinny sound from my
    old G3. There's a port for just about anything on the thing (except
    USB 2.0, but you've got FireWire 800, so who cares?).

    But all this stuff may matter little to you in comparison to smaller
    size and increased (slightly) portability. In the end, it will be a
    personal decision, and my choice will likely factor very little in your


    Thomas Guest

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    Default Re: Is 17" Powerbook too big

    Thanks guys,

    It was all very useful and powerbook 17" looks a lot better now!


    rpl* Guest

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    Default Re: Is 17" Powerbook too big

    In article <>, Gary L.
    Gray <net> wrote:

    Ahh, I forgot this one -- I *love* watching DVDs on my 17"! I don't
    have a widescreen TV, but I can watch widescreen movies on the
    PowerBook! When you've got it on your lap in bed or on the sofa, it's
    as good as watching a TV across the room -- better if the TV isn't huge
    and isn't widescreen. Only disadvantage is that it does get hot on the
    lap, but I've noticed it tends to get hotter during normal use than
    when watching DVDs. And note that any other PowerBook will suffer the
    same problem -- it's no hotter than my PB G3 was.


    Thomas Guest

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    Default Re: Is 17" Powerbook too big

    org (rpl*) writes:

    What will you be using it for? What's your occupation?

    A friend of mine is going to law school and they'll need to carry
    laptops for just about everything. I recommended he get a really
    small Vaio (where the DVD is on a separate attachment), an iBook, or
    a Palm with a full-sized, folding keyboard (depending on what he's

    If you're going to be around a lot (even room to room for
    meetings/conferences) you may want to get the 15". If you're at a
    different site each day, but are in the same location/desk at that
    site, then portability isn't as big a deal.

    David Magda <dmagda at>,
    Because the innovator has for enemies all those who have done well under
    the old conditions, and lukewarm defenders in those who may do well
    under the new. -- Niccolo Machiavelli, _The Prince_, Chapter VI
    David Guest

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    Default Re: Is 17" Powerbook too big

    In article <>,
    org (rpl*) wrote:

    I had a chance to play with the 17" earlier this week.
    It's bigger (wider, not thicker) than the folder of paper I
    keep in my backpack. So if I carried my 17" around in there
    it would be the corners of the 17" that got battered. The
    backpacks I used to carry stuff around in seem (quite under-
    standably) to have been designed for carrying stacks of
    standard sized paper around. Although the 17" does fit in
    them there's not really room for a decent padded sleeve.

    Also it's heavier than the 15".

    It's a great machine, and the extra screen size is useful if
    you're trying to see lots of windows at the same time. If
    you only need to carry it when you're in the car or when you
    pack it into a briefcase bag anyway, then it would be fine.
    But my life involves backpacks, not briefcases.

    Simon Guest

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    Default Re: Is 17" Powerbook too big

    In article <>,
    "Gary L. Gray" <net> wrote:

    So has (2). They all have the same keyboard and they all have
    the same three-speaker system.

    Simon Guest

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