In the current issue, PC Magazine reviewed several mid-level photo editing
programs. Elements 2.0 received the higest rating and was selected "Editors
Pick" Here's the article:

That said, Elements 2.0 is overall very similar to Elements 1.0. If you
aren't happy with 1 I'm not sure why you would be happy with 2.

I very much think it's worth sticking with Elements long enough to learn how
to use it effectively. But, perhaps you would be happier with one of the
other mid-level programs. Read the PC Magazine reviews and see if one
appeals to you.

If your needs are more modest, don't hesitate to investigate one of the
entry level programs that are more user friendly but less capable.

Should you choose to stick with Elements, you'll find this forum a very
helpful place to help you over the rough spots.

Your choice.