Hello everybody!

I've been trying to get my internet connection back to work for five days now, but it still does not work.

I am using FreeBSD 5.3 and I want to try to connect PPP over an ISDN connection - I use a "AVM Fritz! PCI v2" as an internal isdn-adapter.

It does not work, and I don't get error messages (at least none I can understand) so that I have to bother you :-)
I want to ask a very general question: if I want to use PPP over ISDN, I need to add ``isdn_enable="YES"'' and ``ppp_enable="YES"'' to my rc.conf. The man pages of rc.conf say that if I add these lines, both the pppd and the isdnd will be started upon system boot. But if I try ``ps aux | grep isdnd'' or ``ps aux | grep pppd'', both these deamons are not started. Right now, I do really consider this to be the main (or at least one of the main) mistakes.

Can you please help me? I'm really getting upset. The whole configuration of FreeBSD worked so good until now.

Thanks in advance,
David Nies
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