ITShield Networks Inc. ([url][/url]) has released ITShieldf
firewall Version 1.0.

ITShield Firewall, a transparent firewall, contains the advantages of all
three critical firewall architectures - packet-filtering, Stateful
Inspection, and application gateway firewall. By using some advanced
technologies, ITShield Firewall can handle more than 5000 TCP sessions,
unlimited UDP sessions, and unlimited IP sessions at application-level in
parallel. Because application proxy provides the highest level of security
and flexibility, ITShield Firewall handles all the sessions in
application-level by default. Furthermore, ITShield Firewall can drop the
unwanted requests at packet level. If the high-speed network traffic keeps
the firewall very busy, the administrator can enable Stateful Inspection.
ITShield Firewall supports PPTP VPN and IPSEC VPN. It is very easy for you
to configure them.

The following enhancements have been introduced since Version 0.92:

1. The firewall allows some buggy HTTP POST request. Certain buggy HTTP/1.0
client implementations generate extra CRLF's after a POST request, and
certain HTTP servers require it.

2. The firewall supports multicast so that dhcp server can run on the
firewall. With the built-in dhcpd, you do not need to define subnets for
unnecessary interfaces.

3. It provides enhanced fwadmin.