Hi all!

I am on OS X.2.6, iMac Combo 700mhz, use iTunes 4.0.1.
My HD has 4 partitions, the one with OS X has iTunes on it, of course,
the iTunes library is on the Data partition (the largest of the 4).
I have 293 .mp3s into the iTunes library, 1.7GB in total.

For the last 3 weeks, everytime I want to switch from one song to
another, the music starts immediately, but there's the little colored
wheels turning for 10/15 secs, and until it has disappeared, I don't get
the correct song infos on the display.

I have cancelled all the preferences (2 files), converted all the tags
ID3 to v2.4, restored Unicode, but there's no improvement.

Any idea/suggestion?