I moved my iTunes library. BIG mistake. First all the songs in the list
lost their link to the actual file. I didn't want to fix each on
individually, so I just deleted all the songs from the library list &
replaced them from scratch. This hosed my playlists, but I expected
that. But now about half the songs have lost their tag info. All I have
is "Song Title" & "Time". Can I recover this???? I don't want to go
through and fix the tags of a thousand songs (some of which I won't be
able to remember!). Help! Please!

Reverend Paul

Zorak: That lady mantis... wasn't really a lady.
Space Ghost: Not really a lady? Huh? Then she must have been... Wait!
You were digging on a dude?
Zorak: It's not what you think. Carl is part of a male mantis
resistance movement that intercedes at the moment when the
urge is the worst. He lured me back to his nest, where we ate
barbeque and talked sports until the urge had passed. He...
saved my life, and for that, I will always be grateful.
Space Ghost: What a remarkable story! I wonder who owns the movie rights.
Zorak: Ted Turner.