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Jonathan Brady <> wrote:
> On Mon, 23 Jun 2003 10:50:12 -0400, Merlin wrote
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> > Brute force says reformat the FW drive after saving everything on it -
> > and it may come to that but if someone has a better alternative I would
> > be very grateful!
> I've seen something similar last year on a friend of mine's Mac. After
> many attempts to fix the error with Disk Utility, I brought my
> DiskWarrior CD from home and ran it on the drive and it got fixed.
That's what fixed it for me too. The guys who make Disk Warrior
deserve medals!

DW told me I had 400 and something overlapping files - that's scary,
how the hell did that happen?

Methinks a weekly DW run is in order and (of course <grin>) regular