Hello Everyone,

I received an inquiry from one of our developers about a pooling
situation he is trying to code for. Not being a java or JDBC guru, I
thought it best to present it to the experts:
Is there a way, in the Informix JDBC 2.21 driver, to close a pooled
connection (i.e. return it to the pool) without closing any prepared or
callable statements that are open on that connection at the time? This
would allow the reuse of those statements at later time when that
connection is again in use.

Also, is there, or will there soon be a newer version of the driver
that better supports statement pooling?

I have been (utilizing the RTFM method) looking into the
javax.sql.DataSource, ConnectionPoolDataSource, etc., and the
javax.sql.XADataSource, within the JDBC API, to see if the answers lies
within these interfaces/classes. If anyone could provide any direction, or
specific setting information, it would be greatly appreciated.

John Hibner
Choice Hotels Int.

sending to informix-list