I just bought my first Mac, and I have been using it for server side java
development. This is working just fine. I run tomcat and a database, and I
can create the web apps that I need.

Now I'm looking into creting a Mac application, so I have been looking a
ProjectBuilder and the examples. One of the examples had Obj-C and Java
mixed into the same project. So that got me to wonder about building cocoa
apps with java.

Is the java compiled to native format on OSX or does java still need the VM
for cocoa apps?
How does java and the obj-c interact? JNI?
Will I notice the same slow java apps like I do in Windows if I use java to
create cocoa apps? Should I just use C++ (which I don't want to do) or
Objective-C (not another language)?

Thanks for any help.