I do support at a school where the teachers use Contribute to update their
webpages. A few teachers have newsletters in MS Publisher and they insert them
using the "insert doent as flashpaper" function in Contribute. One teacher
keeps having a problem during the insert process and gets the following error

1. A script in file C:\program files\Macromedia\Contribute
3\configuration\commands\insertflashpaper.js has been running for a long time.
Do you wish to continue?
2. Click "yes" - the message keeps popping up
3. Click "no" - message appears "javacript error at line 229 of file
"c:\program files\macromedia\...\inserflashpaper.js". The user chose to stop
the script".
4. Hit ok and get next message: "While executing insert object in
insert_flashpaper.htm a javascript error occurred"
5. Then the program hangs and I must ctrl/alt/delete to end the program.

I have tried many "fixes" such as reinstalling the software, installing the
updates, etc., and they seem to work for about 2 or 3 weeks before the error
starts again. I've tried many of the recommendations found in these forums and
have had no luck.

It's past the point of frustration. In the meantime, I am publishing the
newsletter for the teacher (with no problems).