:confused; I'm working on a website for a distributer of alcoholic beverages,
and I need to implement a gateway that collects the user's age and either
proceeds to the homepage (if the user claims to be 21) or directs them away (if
they're dumb enough to submit an under-21 age).
The site is hosted by some guy who hosts websites on his home servers, and I
can't get a hold of him to find out if they're Windows or Linux servers, so I
don't even know if I need a PHP or CGI script. But even if I did know, I'm too
clueless about this kind of coding to even know where to begin.
What I'm hoping for is some kind of pre-written javascript that is
self-contained anough that I don't have to worry about additional PHP or CGI
scripts, since I'm a complete code dummy. Is that possible?
I would be sooooo appreciative if someone could lend me a hand. I'm a print
designer by trade, and my web work is largely HTML & Flash based, so I'm in
over my head with this one. Any tips?