OK basically I want to combine columns from two queries into a single table. I have one method that works but it feels like there is a simpler way to do it. The first query works, but the second one I can't figure out what keyword would make it work. I basically want sums of columns from TABLE A and TABLE B and I want to tie them together with a DATE from TABLE C, and insert it into TABLE D



(SELECT Convert(Varchar(10), CurrentInvoiceDate, 101) FROM tbChrg_CurrentMonth) AS [Date],
(SELECT SUM(tbChrg_2003_06_01_ACCT.AccountUsageAmount) FROM tbChrg_2003_06_01_ACCT) AS [Usage],
(SELECT SUM(tbChrg_2003_06_01_ACCT.AccountMonthlyCharges) FROM tbChrg_2003_06_01_ACCT) AS Monthly,
(SELECT SUM(tbChrg_2003_06_01_SOIC.ProratedCharges)FROM tbChrg_2003_06_01_SOIC) AS Prorated,
(SELECT SUM(tbChrg_2003_06_01_SOIC.OneTimeCharges)FROM tbChrg_2003_06_01_SOIC) AS OneTime,
(SELECT SUM(tbChrg_2003_06_01_ACCT.AccountFedStateLocal)FR OM tbChrg_2003_06_01_ACCT) AS Taxes,
(SELECT SUM(tbChrg_2003_06_01_ACCT.AccountOtherTaxesSurcha rges)FROM tbChrg_2003_06_01_ACCT) AS Surcharges


SELECT Convert(Varchar(10), CurrentInvoiceDate, 101) FROM tbChrg_CurrentMonth AS [Date],


SELECT SUM(AccountUsageAmount) AS [Usage],
SUM(AccountMonthlyCharges) AS Monthly,
SUM(AccountFedStateLocal) AS Taxes,
SUM(AccountOtherTaxesSurcharges) AS Surcharges
FROM tbChrg_2003_06_01_ACCT


SELECT SUM(ProratedCharges) AS Prorated,
SUM(OneTimeCharges) AS OneTime
FROM tbChrg_2003_06_01_SOIC