When shutting a JRun instance down (which is running in a command
prompt) the following error is displayed in an OK window:

"The exception Guard Page Exception."

"A page of memory that marks the end of a data structure, such as a
stack or an array, has been accesses (0x800000001) occurred in the
application at (0x.....)"

Windows 2000 Server
JRun 4 Updater 5
CFMX 6.1 Updater
(Running a 3 instance remote server cluster)

When shutting the instance down as a service, at 50% the process seems
to choke and slowly move to the final climax of:

"Could not stop the Macromedia JRun CFMX1 Server service on Local

"Error 1053: The service did not respond to the start or control
request in a timely fashion"

The event log reports "The JRun CFMX1 server terminated with the
following error : The requested resource is in use"

JRun logs absoluetly nothing. I cleared all the logs and
started/stopped the service. The logs look completely normal and the
error log is empty.

This is not good, because the server is still registered in the
cluster. So for that elongated duration of time, errors will be thrown
(either page not found or JRun 500) to subsequent request to the
cluster node. (i.e.. removing the reliability benefit of the cluster)

I have searched high and low and have found next to nothing. This the
following is the most relevant of my searches and its in regards to
JProbe posted in May of 2000.

"This occurs when using JDK 1.2.x with the Symantec
Just-in-time-compiler (JIT). To work around this problem, you can
disable the use of the JIT by specifying -Djava.compiler=NONE in the VM
arguments field of the VM tab in the Run Dialog. Note that this will
cause the application under test to run significantly slower."

I am not running JDK 1.2.x......

I would appreciate any assistance anyone can offer.