Hello all; Sorry to be so dense, but I've looked at the Contribute Help and
searched the kb and this forum with no answer in sight. Also phoned support and
didn't get a clear answer. Using CS3 web extended suite on student license, so
only 2 activations. One on desktop, one on spouse laptop. Need to have only
contribute on 3rd laptop for updating site when traveling. Told by customer
support that it's all or nothing with the entire suite-I can't remove the
Contribute module from the desktop (which I don't need on the desktop since it
stays home) and put it alone on the 3rd laptop to make minor tweaks to a site
page while traveling. So I would have to plunk down nearly $200 just to be able
to add to existing pages. Not a good deal. But it appears you can make changes
to a Dreamweaver/Contribute site via a Firefox plug-in/Extension. The Help is
not really clear on this, so here are my questions: 1) is it true I can't take
the Contribute module off the desktop and put it alone on the laptop? 2) is
this a workable solution: set up the site on the desktop to be accessible thru
Contribute, and install the browser plug-in only on the laptop, then make
modifications from the laptop using Firefox? 3) or, relative to #2, to use
Firefox do you have to have Contribute also installed on the same machine?
Thanks for the help. frustrated and confused...