Thanks I will pass on the suggestion to my mom. I'm not sure what OS
version she is using. It would be whatever version shipped with it 2
years or so ago. It definitely isn't the latest OS. She doesn't
connect to the internet with it and I use Windows, is there anyway I
can download the update on my PC and burn it to a CD and still have
her be able to use it?

Jerry Cruz

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> Which OS version is your mom running on her iMac? She might need
> to install an update to fix the USB problem? Also, a quick fix
> to this problem might be to unplug the keyboard and plug it in
> again when the Mac is powered up. If the keyboard is plugged into
> a USB hub, it might be a possibility that the hub has a problem.
> Thirdly, if the keyboard and mouse are third party products, you
> might try checking the manufacturer's web site to see if they have
> any more recent drivers for those items, although that option is
> unlikely to pan out.