Ok first off i'm pretty new to the whole developer forum lark so my etiquate
may not be up to scratch, still " i need help :( "
The basic problem is that i can' seem to get the keyframeplayer to work.... at

I think the problem may be the way i've built the models.
I built them in MAYA and the world consists of a few different models grouped
togerther with a group node in maya.
Now i created my animations on different frame segment (0-24 1 animation ,
25-48 another and so on). Don't know if you can name animation segments in maya
so it's all one long anim.

Now when i look at the exported w3d in director i can see all of my models,
and the group name isn't top in the hirearchy, all the motions seem to be for
each indervidual model (which is one thing).

Any hoo, when use the w3d in my movie i loop in the frame and cool it plays
all the animations fine. Now what i wanna do i s
1)Have it paused initially
2)When a key is pressed loop on segment of the animation sequence.
3)When another key is pressed play another animation sequence.

I been looking for weeks online done all the tuts i could find, which are fine
when using the w3d supplied, but nothing is telling me if i been building my
models right.
At the moment i'm kindo cheating and having diferent models on diferent frames
and jumping between them, but this is pretty bersome.

Please help